I Love Your Lifestyle – “Jazz Nights” (Stereogum Premiere)

Leave it to some punks to poke at the traditions of Christmas and Boxing Day. I Love Your Lifestyle play a nice melodic brand of punk that is deceptively melancholy in keeping with their Swedish roots. What better occasion to apply some punk sensibilities than to the overly cheery, sometimes corny, feel-good atmosphere of the holidays? On “Jazz Night,” I Love Your Lifestyle opens in harmony with “Nothing’s good on Boxing Day/No one is here to stay,” and then slap you with energy while detailing the joy and misery of the holidays. Layers of infectious rhythmic guitar with plenty of feedback and a quick-hitting syncopated drum pattern with little cool down breaks are a fitting background for the ambivalent nature of the song. If only this could come on between Nat King Cole and Donny Hathaway in some department store somewhere. Check it out below.

“Jazz Night” is out 12/26 (Boxing Day, naturally) as the final installment on Art is Hard’s Hand Cut Record Club. Pre-order the 7″ single here.