Stream Krallice’s Surprise EP Hyperion

At the end of July, when Krallice surprise-released their fifth LP Ygg Huur — one of the best metal albums of 2015 and by my estimation one of the year’s finest albums period, no genre qualifiers required — my colleague Michael Nelson explained that the NYC band plays “hyper-technical, brutal, beautiful, hypnotic, almost avant-garde death/black metal that has no peers. Krallice destroy everything.” That’s true, but Krallice also creates quite a bit too. Case in point: Today they surprise-released yet another project to kick off 2016. At only three tracks, presumably Hyperion qualifies as an EP, but it’s 26 thrilling minutes long, so maybe that’s a full-length by some people’s measure. Whatever you want to call it, it’s awesome, and you should stream it below.

Purchase Hyperion at Bandcamp.

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