Ghost Against Ghost – “Unarm” (Stereogum Premiere)

Ghost Against Ghost is an experimental concept series by Christopher Bono that evokes a wide array of inspirations in order to create vast and intense field of sounds. The title track from the project’s Unarm EP begins in a thick cloud of droning synth pads that help to set a foreboding atmosphere that persists through eight minutes of fluctuating dynamism. Initially distant and spacey, Bono brings his music back to earth with heavy drum kits and guitars. Like Radiohead on lean, the remainder of the song goes on to pulse through dramatic falsetto vocals and instrumental climaxes.

Bono pulls from a diverse set of influences in order to construct a darkly spiritual aura in this post-rock inspired composition. From the finding inspiration in the Buddhist practice of Tonglen (“in which the practitioner envisions taking on a thick black cloud of smoke consisting of the pain and suffering of a concentrated other, and exhaling a stream of golden light that saturates the body and mind of the recipient with peace, wisdom and resolution”), to incorporating the diverse talents of two separate drummers (Jason Molina and Thomas Prigden), Bono uses “Unarm” to comment on earthy consciousness with otherworldly sounds. Listen below.

Unarm is out 1/22 via Our Silent Canvas. Pre-order it through the label or Bandcamp.