Mothers – “Copper Mines”

On Mothers’ forthcoming debut album, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, the Athens, GA-based best new band practice in the art of the obtusely confessional. Kristine Leschper’s words are beautiful on the surface — “I’ve imagined you, one hundred pennies underneath my tongue,” she sings on their latest single, “Copper Mines” — but the sentiment only hits home in the way it’s delivered. How Leschper’s voice quivers on certain words, or how when she admits that “her soft dark heart grows stale at the thought of it,” the music picks up pace like a racing heartbeat for just a moment, before settling back down into the swell. It’s in those minuscule moments of relief that Mothers really shine. “What I have to give is small, but at least I can admit it,” she sings, making connections across the vast, arduous expanse. By the time Leschper reaches the final, knotted twist of phrase — “I’ve buried you in copper mines/ Never mind, never mine” — it’s not readily apparent what kind of journey you’ve taken, but you sure are tired. Lay down, listen via Noisey below.

When You Walk A Long Distance, You Are Tired is out 2/26 via Grand Jury in the US and Wichita in the UK. Read our Band To Watch feature on the group.

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