Tricky Presents Skilled Mechanics – “Boy”

British trip-hop veteran Tricky has been more experimental with his voice after stepping out from behind the boards on his last full-length Adrian Thaws. On lead single “Diving Away,” the first foray we’ve received into his upcoming album Skilled Mechanics, he showed he could hold a note with some subdued melodies. His second offering, “Boy,” features stoic raps about some potentially traumatic happenings. Tricky opens with harrowing bars: “At 12 I met my dad/His name was Roy/He’d forget my name/And call me boy.” From there he moves to his mother committing suicide and his dreams of escaping the darkness surrounding him. He delivers these autobiographical stories in an eerily emotionless tone over dense production, competing drum patterns lending a heavy feel that communicates the anguish well. Listen below.

Skilled Mechanics is out 1/22 on False Idols.

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