St. Vincent Details The Process Of Making Her Signature Guitar

Much to my shock and awe, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark did not grace this earth with guitar in hand at birth. In a new video for Ernie Ball she details the creation of her signature guitar. It’s clear that the guitar goddess’ axe is not just a mere instrument to her. Clark gives a little insight as to how she got started: She first drew guitars on paper, then made them out of cardboard and rubber bands, and then became a guitar superhero. She calls it her shield, her weapon.

As for the process of actually making the guitar, she had this to say: “A lot of people don’t think about it, but this is great wood that was once a tree, being sculpted and moulded into this thing that’s going to give you life.” The circle of life at its finest. The care and craftsmanship captured in this clip at Pitchfork are inspiring. Check it out below.

The guitar goes on sale here on 3/1, priced well over a month’s rent at $1,899.99.

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