Stream Cross Record Wabi-Sabi

Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski, the husband/wife duo who make up the Band To Watch Cross Record, recorded their debut album Wabi Sabi at Moon Phase, the Texan ranch that they moved to when they left Chicago. And the album sounds like it was recorded on a ranch. It’s big, sprawling, expansive, and in awe of the natural forces that surround it. The band’s sound is a dazed, heavily orchestrated combination of post-rock and postpunk, a grand and powerful noise that resists most people’s ideas of form and structure. We’ve already posted the band’s songs “Steady Waves” and “Basket,” and now you can stream the entire album below, via The Line Of Best Fit.

Wabi-Sabi is out 1/29 on Ba Da Bing.

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