Gioia – “Circling”

Gioia’s “Circling” is a new collaboration from Eddi Front’s Ivana Carrescia and GODMODE founder Nick Sylvester, the latest entry in the label’s Faculty singles series, which aims to “get people to abandon the artist as an organizing principle and make the music that the moment wants them to make, with no consideration for How It All Fits Together or whether it’s off-brand for them.” “Circling” certainly fits the made-in-the-moment descriptor, a loosely constructed mood piece built around drowsy loops of Carrescia’s foreboding voice that escalates into teeth-clenching noise. It’s all dribs and drabs and cold, icy surfaces — the production trades in on the warmth of Carrescia’s Eddi Front persona to create something that’s antiseptic and distant, but very compelling. Listen below.

“Circling” is out now via GODMODE. Eddi Front’s debut album, Marina is out 3/4.