Freddie Gibbs – “Cocaine Parties In L.A.”

If you’ve ever heard Piñata, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s collaborative album, then you already know that Gibbs knows how to tear a Madlib beat to pieces. Madlib probably just scored the biggest look of his entire career, producing “No More Parties In L.A.,” the Kendrick Lamar collaboration from Kanye West’s forthcoming album WAVES. Kanye and Kendrick both went off on that thing, to the point where you’d imagine that another rapper might be afraid to jump on the same beat. But Freddie Gibbs is not scared of anything. He’s hijacked the beat, naturally chancing the name to “Cocaine Parties In L.A.,” and just given us a rap clinic over it. Listen below.

Could we get another MadGibbs album? Would that be possible?