Scott Stapp Embraces Super Bowl-Bound Carolina Panthers’ “Creedbombing” Craze With Arms Wide Open

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Scott Stapp Embraces Super Bowl-Bound Carolina Panthers’ “Creedbombing” Craze With Arms Wide Open

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers have been this season’s most dominant NFL team, finishing the regular season 15-1 and easily defeating both playoff opponents en route to a Super Bowl berth. Up until now the biggest musical subplot has been MVP frontrunner Cam Newton’s fondness for hitting the dab. But in recent weeks the team’s practice of “Creedbombing” has become public knowledge.

“Creedbombing?” you say. Allow me to explain: It’s like photobombing, but instead of sneaking into the frame of somebody’s photo, you surprise them by making direct eye contact and belting out Creed lyrics in your deepest, campiest Scott Stapp voice. (So not really like photobombing at all, but, OK, whatever.) As The Charlotte Observer explains, Panthers backup linebacker Ben Jacobs and star tight end Greg Olsen invented Creedbombing. “The key is you’ve got to make really deep, direct eye contact,” Jacobs told the paper. “So if you Creedbomb someone you’ve got to look them directly in the eye.” Creedbombing made its way to national TV last week when cornerback Josh Norman Creedbombed safety Kurt Coleman during a post-game interview: “Above all the others we’ll fly/ This brings tears to my eyes/ My sacrifice,” Norman sang. “That’s a Creedbomb right there!”

The Observer had the good sense to ask Scott Stapp what he thinks about all this, and Stapp had the good sense not to be offended. In fact, despite cheering for the Dallas Cowboys all his life, he’s now supporting the Panthers:

I’ve been cheering for these guys so hard. I had to move my tour bus like five different places so I could get reception and watch (the NFC Championship Game) the other night. I’m so fired up and pumped up for these guys. They are my team right now.

Stapp was apparently honored at first — “I just felt like, hey man, there are Creed fans on the Panthers?” — but at some point he understood the ridiculousness of it all and, by extension, his own ridiculousness:

I just started dying laughing. And then the next thing you know, my band is doing it to me out on tour. And I saw the humor in it and saw how funny it was. I think it’s awesome.

Yes, even Scott Stapp himself has become a victim of Creedbombing. And honestly, it’s about time this guy got a dose of his own medicine. You could even say he created his own prison!

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