Dee Dee From Dum Dum Girls Goes Solo As Kristin Kontrol

Kristin Welchez is best known as Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls, but today she announced that she’s dropping the moniker in favor of her given first name. Welchez’s new project is called Kristin Kontrol, and she calls it an electronic effort that mixes R&B, synth pop, and krautrock. Welchez explained the solo endeavor in a press release:

I wanted to open things up and shed light on significant influences that felt off-limits in Dum Dum land. I don’t want to fight them off anymore. That’d be a drag… The music is so different from anything I’ve ever done — I felt compelled to shed the alter-ego instead of trying to morph Dum Dum Girls into something else. I didn’t want to mess with that legacy.

Check out a promo video below.

Kristin Kontrol’s debut album will be out this spring via SubPop.