Chumped – “Not The One”

Besides Krill, Chumped is the band breakup (or indefinite hiatus, whatever) that hit me hardest last year, primarily because they showed so much potential. Their debut full-length, Teenage Retirement, sounded like the stepping stone to something even greater, and it’s a shame that we’ll probably never get to see what that would have sounded like. The band is playing their last shows in New York next week, and today they’ve shared “Not The One,” a leftover from the Teenage Retirement recording sessions. It’s great — the same type of heart-on-the-sleeve, bleary perfection that they became known for and which made them so endearing. And it seems an oddly prescient note to go out on — “I’m not the one/ I can’t give you what you want.” :( Long live Chumped! Listen below.

You can pay-what-you-want for the song here.

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