Porches – “Car”

Aaron Maine, better known as Porches, wasted little time after signing with Domino Records. He announced his upcoming full-length, Pool, in the fall of last year and quickly shared the lead single “Hour,” then gave it the visual treatment before another clip for “Be Apart.” These offerings have been a departure from the series of singles he released back in 2014 and anything you might find on his Bandcamp, but it seems he’s hit his stride.

On Maine’s latest share via NME, “Car,” bright, shimmering guitars drive huge moments building to all out jam session and crescendo before the fadeout. Porches’ vocals sound as if recorded a good five feet away from the microphone, filling all the space of a pair headphones. In accordance with the album’s title, Maine’s voice makes you feel as if you are underwater, both in his hearty delivery and heavy content. The bright, blissful aesthetic of the guitar brings you up for air, balancing conflicting elements. Check it out below.

Pool is out 2/5 via Domino.

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