Adele Forbids Donald Trump From Using Her Music At Campaign Events

It’s official: We can add Adele to the growing list of Musicians Who Absolutely Will Not Tolerate Donald Trump Using Their Music To Soundtrack His Tyrannical Bid For Presidency. She’s joined by Neil Young, Aerosmith, and R.E.M.

Back in November, Trump used Adele’s 007 original “Skyfall” at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, which seems fairly appropriate since that song boasts a lot of apocalyptic imagery and the world as we know it will absolutely end if Trump is elected. I’m sure of it. Trump has also been playing “Rolling In The Deep” at campaign events. The Independent reports that Adele (who doesn’t speak up much about politics but did state that she is a “Labour girl” back in 2011) has finally taken a stand on the issue. Adele’s spokesperson stated that the singer did not give Trump permission to use her music during campaign events. Perhaps he should stick to the song that Jack Black and Stephen Colbert wrote for him? Or this monstrosity?

Relatedly, Mike Huckabee recently parodied Adele’s “Hello” in preparation for the Iowa Caucus, but the video has been taken down for copyright infringement and ostensibly for being criminally awful. The Iowa Caucuses take place today. “Let the sky fall.”