Usher – “Chains” (Feat. Nas & Bibi Bourelly) Video

R&B/pop singer Usher recruited Nas and Bibi Bourelly to throw his conversation piece on police violence, “Chains,” into the discourse last fall. The song was accompanied with a TIDAL-exclusive interactive video featuring the many unarmed police murder victims of recent memory. Today, Usher offers another set of visuals for all to see that are equally heavy. Powerful, lingering black-and-white images of guns and handcuffs shattering on the ground are interspersed with somber cuts of Usher delivering a passionate performance of the song surrounded by religious imagery. Director Ben Louis Nicholas has a particularly resonant scene where Usher makes his way through a church and the congregation’s eyes are completely glazed over as if all their hope has been drained through their pupils. There have been many contributions to the movement against police brutality, but this is one worth dwelling on for a bit. Watch it below.