Kal Marks – “Coffee”

Boston’s Kal Marks are at their best when they make beautifully bleak music about navigating what it means to live with human error and uncertainty. 2013’s fantastic Life is Murder is just as dreary as the title suggests. 2014’s Just A Lonely Fart EP may have been lighter in title, but it also had some gorgeous gloom on it. Their next full length Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies continues down the doomy path. They’ve shared the singles “Dorothy” and “Mankind” already, and today they reveal their latest offering “Coffee.”

Obviously this track is not a pick-me-up, despite its title. “Coffee” is just over seven minutes of punishing despondency, but as usual it’s good. Rhythmic bass and guitar lines drive the track, punctuated by heavy drums and noisy distortion. The repeated vocal bridge, “He’s tired and he’s wasted,” serves as relief and segues to a complete switch in mood and rhythm, with slower chord progressions taking the helm before the fadeout. Check it out below.

Life Is Alright, Everybody Diesis out 2/19 via Exploding in Sound/Midnight Werewolf Records. Pre-order is available here.

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