Prins Thomas – “A2″

Norwegian producer Prins Thomas is a deft remixer and propagator of space-age-y disco. He’s recently taken a break from remixing to ready the original full-length Principe Del Norte. The album’s lead single “B” was a nearly 12-minute stretch of cinematic synth work. Today’s followup “A2″ is a little less epic at seven and a half minutes, but it’s some nice far-out cosmic funk. A shimmering prolonged intro meanders into smooth synth and bass patterns, with some ambient sweeps here and there to break up the sleekness. If there is ever a blaxploitation film set in the cosmos (someone please make Black Dynamite in Space) Thomas should probably be the first call for the soundtrack. Listen below.

Principe Del Norte is out on 2/19 on Smalltown Supersound.

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