Gallant – “Skipping Stones” (Feat. Jhené Aiko)

The last time we heard from the smooth, soulful R&B singer Gallant, he made Sufjan Stevens’ “Blue Bucket Of Gold” all his own. In his latest one-off for Red Bull Sound Select, “Skipping Stones,” he recruits the delicate vocals of Jhené Aiko in service of those who celebrate Singles Awareness Day instead of Valentine’s Day. Gallant’s floating falsetto and Aiko’s gauzy reflections intermingle well and complement separately. Gallant’s deeply wondrous “What am I missing?” is sure to make even those with a lovesickness immunity feel some type of way. The beat has an old-school feel with a slow-churning groove, and sparse syncopated drum pattern, leaving plenty of room for Gallant’s voice to adventurously roam. Happy early S.A.D.! Listen below.