Moderat – “Reminder”

Berlin-based smart-thump trio Moderat represent a melding of the stuttering rhythms of Modeselektor and evocative deep-house of Apparat. On their debut album and sophomore effort II their disparate sounds met in the middle. There was still some fine-tuning in the works on II, but “Reminder,” the first single off both their Reminder teaser EP and third full-length effort III, shows that the tinkering is done. The song is huge and airy up top, with Apparat’s big, sweeping atmospheric flourishes high in the mix. And it’s intricate down low, with Modeselektor’s quick-hit drum pattern serving as a subdued anchor. The beat could easily hold its own as an instumental, but delicate, dreamy vocals come in with some dark storytelling and vivid depictions. Listen.

The Reminder EP is out 2/19 and III is out 4/1, both on Monkeytown/Mute. Pre-order for III is available here.