Kanye’s Latest Album Title: Initials Are T.L.O.P.?

Look: We’re sick of writing about Kanye West’s new album title just as much as you’re sick of reading about it. But the man keeps teasing this mythical album title, and as long as he keeps doing that, we’re going to have to keep reporting on it. It’s just the way it is. And anyway, the album is out the day after tomorrow, so he can’t keep teasing us with it too much longer.

West’s untitled album has already, for varying periods of time, had the titles So Help Me God, SWISH, and WAVES. Yesterday, Kanye wrote that “there may be a new secret album title.” And last night, he teased what, exactly, that album title might be, implying that the album’s initials are T.L.O.P. and promising prizes to anyone who can guess it.

The Love Of Power (or whatever) is out 2/11.

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