Ghostface Killah Spends 12 Minutes Annihilating Martin Shkreli On YouTube

The absurd saga of Martin Shkreli and Ghostface Killah has gone somewhere beyond ridiculous into a new twilight zone of insanity. After the Wu-Tang rapper and the parasitic pharmaceutical CEO spent a few days exchanging harsh words online after Shkreli paid $2 million for the sole copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Things reached new levels of insanity a couple of weeks ago when Shkreli got some goons together to threaten Ghostface, telling Ghost to keep quiet. Ghost did not keep quiet.

In a new 12-minute video, Ghost basically says everything anyone needs to say about Martin Shkreli. On his masked goons: “You a fake-ass supervillain.” On the idea that Ghost is washed-up: “You done bought a washed-up rapper’s album for $2 million. Who washed up now?” On Shkreli’s threat to erase Ghost from the Wu-Tang album: “Don’t think, for nothing, that you could ever erase me from history, bruh. I am history.” On Shkreli’s money: “I don’t care how much money you got because money don’t make you a man, bruh.” And most importantly, on the Daraprim price hike: “You don’t do that to the people, man.”

Ghost also brings in his own goons: His sister, his mother, and some other lady to shame Shkreli. Ghost’s sister cries and shows her brain-surgery scar. It gets intense. Watch it below.

Ghost, of course, won this little battle long before it started, since he made Ironman and Shkreli is a force for evil in the universe. But now he won it even more.