Cops Revive Unconscious DMX After Alleged Overdose

Cops Revive Unconscious DMX After Alleged Overdose

DMX, a transformative figure in rap history, almost lost his life last night. TMZ reports that police found him outside a hotel in his Yonkers, New York hometown last night. He had no pulse, and he wasn’t breathing. They gave him CPR and brought back his pulse, and then they used Narcan, an antidote to overdoses, to bring him back to a semi-conscious state. He’s in a local hospital and in stable condition now.

The initial story was that X had suffered an asthma attack. He says he remembers feeling a shortness of breath before passing out, and a family member recalls hearing him ask for his inhaler. But now, it looks more like a drug overdose; a witness told police that he had ingested some sort of powder. Police found him on the ground next to a parked car.

DMX has been fighting his demons for many years. Everyone who cares about rap music is rooting for him.

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