Watch The Cheesy New Trailer For Showtime’s Roadies

Roadies is the latest in a long line of music-themed TV shows (Vinyl premieres this weekend, have you heard of Empire?), and it looks like it could potentially be the worst one yet! It was created by Cameron Crowe — the journalist-turned-movie maker who also helmed Singles and Almost Famous — and counts Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, Imogen Poots, and Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) among its cast. Pearl Jam’s manager Kelly Curtis is the music supervisor, and Eddie Vedder’s “Hard Sun” soundtracks the trailer. The show follows around a group of backstage workers (who the show deems “roadies”) as they go on tour with an arena-level rock band. The trailer looks super cheesy and awful, but who knows?! Maybe it’ll end up being good… But remember Aloha and Elizabethtown?! Watch the trailer below.

Roadies debuts on Showtime on 6/26.