This SNL Promo Likely Distracted From Kanye West’s Creative Process

Kanye West is the busiest man on earth this week. He doesn’t need anyone or anything distracting him from his creative process. Unfortunately, it seems he was obligated to appear in an SNL promo alongside Melissa McCarthy, who will host tomorrow’s episode. ‘Ye and Young Thug will perform “Highlights,” which we heard yesterday when Kanye debuted Yeezy 3 and The Life Of Pablo live at Madison Square Garden in NYC. (ICYMI, our very own Collin Robinson reported on the scene). ‘Ye wears a very cool tie-dye shirt in the promo that I wish didn’t remind me of Chris Martin, and he looks displeased because let’s face it: No one is cool with the fact that Sookie won’t make an appearance in the Gilmore Girls revival. Watch below.

Kanye’s SNL episode airs this Saturday 2/13 at 11:30 EST.