Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo Delayed Again So Chance Could Finish “Waves”

Remember when The Life Of Pablo was supposed to be out on Thursday? You thought we were done with last-minute tracklist changes. Well, ha, joke’s on you — we’re not with last-minute tracklist changes! We’ll never be done with last-minute tracklist changes! But this time, Kanye wants you to know that it’s not his fault, it’s Chance The Rapper’s fault:

See? See? Come on, guys, don’t blame Kanye! Blame Chance! It’s not poor Kanye’s fault!

Anyway, Chance says it’s done now, so there’s at least a reasonable chance that the album will be out sometime in 2016.

UPDATE: In a series of tweets, Kanye revealed the Pablo of The Life Of Pablo and claimed that he’s $53M in debt…