Indecisive Kanye Takes Down TLOP Buy Option, Is Gonna “Fix ‘Wolves'”

Remember when The Life Of Pablo was going to be a surprise release? Well, pretty much the only thing surprising about this album rollout is just how much of a slow-motion train wreck it’s been. And it’s not over! Now, after finally releasing TLOP early this morning, Kanye’s apparently decided to surprise-unrelease the album, taking down the option to purchase it for another week so he can “fix ‘Wolves'”:

Maybe he’s putting Sia and/or Vic Mensa back in? Who knows! In any case, the album is still streaming on Tidal, but since no one actually has a Tidal subscription, a lot of people are just gonna end up pirating it. Not a smart move if you’re really $53 million in debt, Kanye!

UPDATE: The FADER points out that ticketing company See Tickets, who processed orders for the MSG show, have sent those who pre-ordered the album along with their ticket the following message:

Our records indicate you pre-ordered Kanye West’s new album, The Life Of Pablo.

A partial version of the album can be streamed at, but the final version will be released in the next several days.

We will send the album to you at this email address within 24 hours of its release.

In a follow-up tweet, See Tickets clarified that the album currently streaming on Tidal “is not the finalised product.”

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