Quinn Walker – “Selfie Queen” (Stereogum Premiere)

According to a press release, after Quinn Walker’s mutual split with Suckers in 2012, “he lost interest in music, was abducted by aliens, turned into a cyborg, earned a degree in wizardry, helped a gang of pirates loot some tyrants and give back to the poor, pet tons of animals and fell in love multiple times.”

Walker spent a year loitering in limbo, but after spending so much time away from music, he could not help but feel compelled to start writing again. Consumed by creativity at the start of 2014, Walker wrote an expansive volume of new music, remastered unreleased songs from his teen years, and organized his entire library onto albums. He created a grand total of 34 albums, all written, recorded, produced, and mastered by Walker himself, to be released within the next few months.

“Selfie Queen” is the first single off Everything’s Weird, one of his albums to be released this year. In this otherworldly, synthetic track, Walker criticizes today’s self-absorbed selfie culture. Over layered synthesizers and percussion, Walker tells us that that our obsession with online popularity is meaningless as he sings, “You’re a selfie queen, but that don’t mean anything at all.” Listen below.

Everything’s Weird and the other 33 albums are out sometime this year via Walker’s Bandcamp.