Rihanna Canceled Her Grammys Performance At The Last Minute

Rihanna was supposed to perform at tonight’s Grammy Awards ceremony. She was going to do the Prince-esque “Kiss It Better,” one of the highlights of her new album ANTI, and it’s easy to imagine it being one of the highlights of what’s been a deathly boring show thus far. But TMZ reports that she had to cancel at the last minute because she’s struggling with bronchitis. Fuck you, bronchitis.

Rihanna showed up to rehearsals and wanted to sing, but a doctor told her to cancel her performance, saying it could permanently injure her vocal chords. She’s going home from the ceremony, and we’re all worse off without her.

UPDATE: Grammys producer Neil Portnow commented on Rihanna’s sudden cancellation according to USA Today:

We always regret when that happens because we know that she wants to be on the show and singing rather than taking antibiotics and not being able to sing for a few days… We just hope that she’s feeling better.

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