Bent Shapes – “What We Do Is Public”

Inspired by the reclusive punk ideals that the Germs sang about on “What We Do Is Secret” Bent Shapes’ new single presents a modern, but similarly angsty take on the way social media has shaped our interactions IRL. The band’s critique was triggered by the perception that people at shows often seem to be more concerned with documenting their surroundings for social media, rather than experiencing what’s happening in the present. Bent Shapes’ message is delivered on a plate of aptly punk guitar tones and defiant vocals. That being said, chord progressions more easily likened to pop add a modern palatability to the song, reflecting the all-consuming nature of media in the life of today’s young adults. Bent Shapes’ new album Wolves Of Want is out in April and “What We Do is Public” premiered today via Spin. Listen Below.

Wolves Of Want is out 3/11 via Slumberland Records.

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