Watch Adele Perform, Talk Grammys Flub, Pull A Hidden-Camera Prank On Ellen

Pop star and cultural juggernaut Adele had a tough night at the Grammys. She sang “All I Ask,” the showstopping ballad from her 25 album, with only a piano accompanying her. But thanks to a microphone that fell on the piano strings, there was this weird guitar noise throughout, and everything, including Adele’s bazillion-dollar voice, went all out of tune. (Even with all that going wrong, she still had one of the best performances on that godforsaken show.)

Today, Ellen DeGeneres devoted an entire show to Adele, and she discussed how the Grammys performance went badly and how she’d “cried pretty much all day” afterward. She also sang a couple of sings, “All I Ask” and “When We Were Young,” without any guitar noise messing them up. And she did this hidden-earpiece stunt where she went into a Jamba Juice and made ridiculous requests. It was pretty funny. Watch it all below.

25 is out now on XL/Columbia. Adele seems like such a delightful human being.