Connan Mockasin – “Running Out Of Time” (Rexy Cover)

New Zealand psych-pop purveyor Connan Mockasin hasn’t dropped a full-length offering since 2013’s Caramel, but he had a stellar collaboration with Blood Orange last fall that hints at his activity of late. To help celebrate Samantha Urbani’s URU re-issue of Rexy’s elusive 1981 album Running Out Of Time, Mockasin has covered the LP’s title track. He keeps the minimal essence of Rexy’s Ariel Pink-esque guitar progression, but injects it with plenty of fuzz and pairs it freaky vocal embellishments. The track is ultimately transformed more into Mockasin’s shoegazing funk than Rexy’s sensibilities, and it is very easy to groove to. Check out the original and cover below.

The Running Out Of Time is out 3/18 via URU.