Tim Hecker – “Castrati Stack”

Experimental electronic artist Tim Hecker has been quiet since 2013’s Virgins, but today he’s back with a new track called “Castrati Stack” off of his upcoming album Love Streams due this spring. Virgins was bold poetry in sound, but it was also an attack on the ears. “Castrati Stack” is much more chill but just as adventurous sonically. Atmospheric sweeps, elongated synth chords and progressions, and fuzzy static combine for a cinematic effect, transporting the listener to another place and time entirely. The haunting, dreamy vocals make the song feel like it is floating somewhere in the ozone. It’s light and airy, with only the static to anchor it from floating into another galaxy. From this first foray, Love Streams seems like it will be mesmerizing. Listen.

Love Streams is out 4/8 on 4AD.