Lush – “Out Of Control” Video

Last fall, shoegaze luminaries Lush announced that they would be playing their first shows in 20 years, and that they were working on new material. The shows are still a few months away, but the new material is here now. The band has just revealed that they’ll release a new EP, Blind Spot, in April — it’s their first recorded output since 1996. It features four new songs, one of which is “Out Of Control,” which also gets a dreamy video directed by Martin Anderson. Watch and listen via Pitchfork below.

Band members Miki Berenyi and Phil King weighed in in a press release:

Berenyi: It certainly took some time to set up, but once we were in the studio, everything came together incredibly quickly. It was great fun! It’s been a long time since I’ve written Lush lyrics, and I realised early on with this EP that what I wrote about then is not what I feel comfortable writing about now. My perspective, and what is close to my heart, has changed, and I think that’s conveyed in the songs.

King: I know I’m biased, but I work for a music magazine and so much of the music I hear played in the office sounds non-descript or derivative. Emma has this way of writing unusual chord changes and manages to weave lovely melodies over the top, and it immediately sounds distinctive, like Lush.

01 “Out Of Control”
02 “Lost Boy”
03 “Burnham Beaches”
04 “Rosebud”

Blind Spot is out 2/22.

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