Kero Kero Bonito – “Lipslap”

Rejoice! The great Kero Kero Bonito drought is over. The wayward-pop trio have returned with their first new track since “Chicken” back in August, and it sees them back to their satisfying and perpetually upbeat bubblegum ways. “Lipslap” has unadulterated fun (those raspberry kisses on the hook!), goading school-yard putdowns (“I’m not one to lip read, and you don’t come with subtitles”), and surface-level juvenile lyrics that reveal hidden depths the more you listen (which, like any KKB song, will be incessantly) — all to say that it’s a return to form, and a more than welcome one. Production-wise, this could be their most playful and layered song to date, with interruptions and pop-offs that make the whole track sparkle with energy. What are you waiting for? Press play below.