Another Injured Fan Sues Cake-Thrower Steve Aoki

Throwing cake at his fans is kind of Steve Aoki’s thing. In fact, the popular DJ recently decided to stop throwing cakes at musical festivals, reserving the special honor of being caked to the true fans who show up at his headlining shows. And those fans seem to be into it! But being a true Steve Aoki fan can be a dangerous business — last year, one concertgoer sued Aoki after he threw an inflatable life raft on top of her and jumped onto it, breaking her neck, and now TMZ reports that another fan is suing him after getting injured by one of his infamous airborne cakes at a show in Las Vegas. One would imagine that the guy was hurt by, you know, having a cake thrown at his face, but one would be wrong: In his suit, Raymond Collins actually alleges that he slipped and fell on the cake after it had hit the ground, and he’s seeking damages for mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and lost income. I’m not entirely sure how slipping and falling on a cake can make you lose income, but in all fairness, I have never slipped and fallen on a cake. Check out a compilation of Aoki throwing cakes at faces set to his song “Cakeface” below.

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