Tancred – “Bed Case”

Now, Now guitarist Jess Abbott has been releasing music as Tancred for a few years now, and she’s gearing up to release her third LP later this year. We debuted the nervy lead single “Sell Your Head” last month, and today she’s sharing another new one called “Bed Case.” It’s just as crystal-clear realized as the last, as Abbott toes the line between infatuation and frustration: “Do I want to save the world or just cut out his insides?” she asks at one point. “You make me feel like god even when I’m down low/ You make me feel so good I think I’m gonna blow,” the chorus goes, with an added “I think I’m gonna blow” to put you on edge as to whether this is love or just another mistake. Listen below.

Out Of The Garden is out 4/1 via Polyvinyl Records.

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