Stream La Sera Music For Listening To Music To

One of the more buzz-drawing offshoots of Taylor Swift’s monster 2015 was Ryan Adams’ moody reworking of 1989. That album was a direct result of working on La Sera’s upcoming fourth album Music For Listening To Music To, which premiered at EW today. Adams worked closely with La Sera’s Todd Wisenbaker to bring his cover of 1989 to fruition.

The parallels between the melancholy guitar work on Adams’ 1989 and Music For Listening are easily apparent, but La Sera intertwines the downcast tones with bright, twangy guitars reminiscent of ’60s pop-rock. Katy Goodman’s vocals are melodic and catchy, gently cutting through the layers of guitar and subdued drums. Consider it the joyous flip side to Adams’ gloomy Swift covers. I’ll be singing the hook on “Begins To Rain” for the rest of the day, maybe for the entire weekend. Check it out.

Music For Listening To Music To is out 3/4. Pre-order is available here.