Kanye Responds To Deadmau5 Diss With Another Quality Tweetstorm

Last night Kanye West tweeted from the studio, where the third day of Turbo Grafx 16 sessions were going down. It was an exciting tweet for a certain kind of music nerd because it included a screenshot of a YouTube tab playing Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell opener “Death With Dignity.” For a certain kind of musician, it was interesting for a different reason: Among the other open tabs in Kanye’s screenshot was a Pirate Bay link to download a torrent of the audio production software Serum, which is owned by Deadmau5 and retails for $189.

This caught the attention of Kanye’s fellow Tidal owner and fellow Twitter conflict aficionado Deadmau5, who called Kanye a “dick” for pirating the software rather than buying it.

These insults did not escape Kanye’s attention. So this afternoon, he unleashed one of his trademark tweetstorms upon Deadmau5. It wasn’t nearly as vicious as his onslaught against Wiz Khalifa, but it still contained quotable zingers aplenty. Let’s take a look…

I, too, thank dead-mow-5 for brightening my day with this.

UPDATE: Apparently Kanye staged the pictures just to get a reaction. The laptop in the screenshots is not even his, according to TMZ.

UPDATE 2: The inevitable response from Deadmau5 has arrived:

Honestly, a pretty blasé response, especially given Deadmau5’s reputation for Twitter beef.