Littler – “Phantom Limb”

Philly’s Littler make songs that tug at your heartstrings. A lot of their music chronicles the seemingly impossible task of Growing The Fuck Up, and mourns a time when things were easier and life felt a little bit less serious. But Littler’s latest single, “Phantom Limb,” examines a very different kind of grieving. Frontperson and lyricist Madeline Meyer told MTV News that she chose to write this particular song about her mother who passed away:

This song is about my mother. She died right after I turned three and I’ve always felt that I was born out of her absence. When you lose someone later in life, it’s hard because you miss them. When you lose someone early in life, particularly one as vital as a mother to a daughter, you don’t miss them. Your whole being feels built around loss. A limb that isn’t there, but you feel it anyway.

Listen to “Phantom Limb” below.

Of Wandering is out 3/25 via Birdtapes.

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