Dal Niente & Deerhoof – “Cherubim”

Four years ago, experimental art-punkers Deerhoof played a show at Chicago’s Millennium Park with Dal Niente, a 22-piece contemporary music ensemble from Chicago. They stayed connected, and now they’re getting ready to release a collaborative album together. Balter / Saunier, which comes out this spring, has two longer works — one from Marcos Balter, a Brazilian-born composer, and one from Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier, as well as a shorter piece from Balter. The new track “Cherubim” is part of “meltDown Upshot,” that longer Balter piece, and it sounds like what might happen if Deerhoof tried making orchestral jazz. It sounds really good! Check it out below.

Balter / Saunier is out 4/29 on New Amsterdam.