BOYFRNDZ – “Hiatus” (Stereogum Premiere)

Austin experimental psych rockers BOYFRNDZ are back and ready to release their third full-length effort, Impulse, later this spring. The lead single is the ethereal “Hiatus.” After the opening lulls you into a trance with dreamy, quivering guitars, intricate, rolling drum work comes in heavy with Scott Martin’s tender high-pitched vocals to balance. The stuttering, military feel of the drums breaks up the lingering guitar for a discordant feeling of floating rhythms. The quartet plays off of that tension until the last 45 seconds, when everything explodes into an intoxicating, consuming energy. That cathartic crescendo mirrors the sentiments of being consumed by emotions in a relationship as Martin so delicately sings “Based solely on what feels good/ I’m rearranging what else could/ It’s so endearing fearing her/ I’m caught, elated, without words.” Check it out.


01 “Ghosted”
02 “Silhouette”
03 “High And Tight”
04 “Hiatus”
05 “Little Secret”
06 “Eyes Up”
07 “Bane”
08 “Gone”
09 “Going Under”
10 “Anything Is Everything”

Impulse is out 5/27 via Brutal Panda. Pre-order is available here.