Russian Baths – “Ambulance” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn noise-rockers Russian Baths unveil their first-ever single “Ambulance” today. It’s the first in a series of cassette-only singles the band will release this spring. Mixed by the Men/Uniform/Hubble’s Ben Greenberg, who might be the busiest producer/engineer in Brooklyn right now, “Ambulance” creates an ambient wash of artfully loud rock music, pushed and pulled by lulling vocals and echoing yet powerful riffs. As the drums undulate between a steady beat and intense onslaughts that come crashing down, “Ambulance” weaves in and out of hypnotic moments of organized chaos, creating a sound not unlike a siren’s strong, definitive pattern. Listen below.

“Ambulance” will released independently on 4/15. Pre-order the cassette here.