Homeboy Sandman – “Life Support” Video

Veteran NYC underground MC Homeboy Sandman has been hitting us with tongue-twisting barrages for quite some time now. His latest offering, the Lice EP with Aesop Rock, was a one-two flurry of lyrical jabs. Today, he comes with the loosie “Life Support” and gives it the visual treatment. The track has all the clever wordplay we’ve come to expect from Boy Sand, and will probably have you rewinding for comprehension in a couple spots. The video features some inventive live action stop motion, with the rapper pulling sand on himself at the beach like a blanket, and laying in a garden covered in grass and flowers. Nothing Sandman does is ordinary, and the Pace Rivers-directed clip reflects his alluring eccentricity. Peep it.

The Lice EP is out now via Stones Throw.