Nas Wants To Sell You Health Food Made Out Of Crickets

Full disclosure: I have eaten crickets before. I was in another country and jumped at the opportunity to try some local snacks and guess what? I wasn’t disappointed! When roasted properly, crickets kind of taste like awkwardly shaped chips; crunchy, salty, and not wholly unpleasant to munch on. The fact that you’re chewing an exoskeleton might be the only really significant turn off, but it’s a big one.

The Brooklyn-based (of fucking course) startup Exo announced that they closed a $4 million dollar funding run for their cricket powder-based protein bars. Donors include AccelFoods, the Collaborative Fund, and the rapper Nas, according to Bloomberg Business. Apparently ground-up crickets are an excellent source of protein! The company has been selling these bars online and at Whole Foods and Wegman’s, but hopefully Nas’ money will get them on the shelves of a health food store near you sometime soon! There are about 40 bugs in every Exo bar; read more about them here.

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