Hear Dave Grohl Prank Call Jeff Probst On The Kevin & Bean Show

Survivor host Jeff Probst and Dave Grohl have a friendly ongoing prank war that stems from the time they first met. Probst set off the prank war by pretending to be Adam Levine before it epically backfired. Grohl got a bit of payback today on KROQ’s The Kevin and Bean Show with a prank based off that initial encounter. Trying to prove that he knew something about music, Probst mentioned he was in a band with Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield before he was in Queensrÿche. So Grohl called into the show while Jeff Probst was on as a guest and pretended to be Rockenfield. The joke was really on everyone else, though, as Probst knew it was Grohl immediately and eventually let everyone else in on the prank. Listen to the fun below.