Watch Hannibal Buress Rap With Open Mike Eagle At SXSW

Hannibal Buress knows how to do SXSW right. Last year, the comedian offered, on Twitter, to play drums with some band, even though he didn’t know how to play drums. Speedy Ortiz took him up on the offer, and he joined them for one song. Last night, he did it again. He offered to join some band on keyboard, and he ended up playing with Slime Girls, a chiptune band from Los Angeles, as NME reports.

We haven’t yet found any video of Buress playing with Slime Girls, but that wasn’t the only show Buress played last night. He also showed up at an A.V. Club showcase that featured the art-rapper Open Mike Eagle. Buress and Open Mike Eagle are old comrades; Buress starred in Open Mike Eagle’s “Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps)” video and featured Open Mike Eagle on his Comedy Central show. And last night, he joined Open Mike Eagle and did his verse from “Doug Stamper (Advice Song),” a track from Open Mike Eagle’s 2014 album Dark Comedy. Watch the performance below.

Hannibal can rap! You can stream Dark Comedy here.