Chuck D Yells “Fuck Donald Trump” At SXSW, Flavor Flav Is Like “Not So Fast”

Public Enemy are no strangers to politics, and Chuck D has been saying “fuck Donald Trump” for years. But now, in the wake of Trump’s terrifying presidential campaign, that sentiment is more applicable than ever, and Chuck knows it. During the legendary rap group’s performance at SXSW on Saturday, he once again made his feelings clear by shouting “Black Lives Matter! Fuck Donald Trump!” into the mic while holding up his middle finger, as Billboard reports. “So far, the election is a bizarre show — I won’t make my decision until October, but seriously, the country is in turmoil,” he told Billboard backstage before the concert.

Chuck’s bandmate Flavor Flav, however, doesn’t necessarily share the same views. “I’m not really the politician of the group,” he told Billboard in his trailer after the show. “There’s a lot of people talking a lot of shit about Trump, but guess what? He’s winning. The man is winning. I ain’t gonna lie, but listen, the United States has been ran a certain way for decades and decades and decades. You never know: Maybe Trump could possibly do something. Maybe he might step in office and do something. I’m not going to doubt him.”

“Put it this way: If this was really, really a foot race, Donald Trump would be the first one to the finish line, but they won’t let him cross it first,” he continued. “That’s the way I feel, you know what I’m saying? Because he’s winning fairly, but they still don’t want him to be president. They’re going to try to block that man from being president. If Donald Trump does become president, there’s only one thing we all can do: just sit back and let the man do his job.”

Sorry Flav, but I think I’m gonna have to go with Chuck on this one.