Radiohead Fans Are Pissed About Today’s Ticketing Fiasco, But Band Cautions Against Scalpers

Radiohead recently announced a big world tour, and tickets for the shows went up on sale today. It did not go smoothly. Every show sold out almost immediately, and the internet is full of stories from people who tried to get those tickets and had no luck. This Storify is the sort of account we’ve been seeing today, and this Reddit thread is full of disgruntled fans. Fans are pissed off, and so, it seems, are the members of Radiohead. That, at least, is probably what Thom Yorke was talking about when he tweeted this:

But with all those immediate sellouts, Radiohead have put a post up on their Dead Air Space blog warning fans against buying tickets from scalpers or from secondary ticketing sites. The post points out that there will be stringent ID checks at the shows, so proceed with caution.

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