Death Grips Reveal Bottomless Pit Album Art, Tracklist

After their supposed “breakup” and subsequent tour, Death Grips announced a new album, Bottomless Pit, late last year. They didn’t share any details beyond the title, and we didn’t hear any actual music until “Hot Head” in February and that bizarre “interview” video earlier this week. But now they’ve offered up the album’s front and back covers and the full tracklist, which you can find below. “Release date coming soon,” apparently.


01 “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”
02 “Hot Head”
03 “Spikes”
04 “Warping”
05 “Eh”
06 “Bubbles”
07 “Trash”
08 “Houdini”
09 “BB Poison”
10 “Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood”
11 “Ring A Bell”
12 “8080808”
13 “Bottomless Pit”

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