Hear Mac Miller Pay Tribute To Phife Dawg On “5 Foot Assassin”

Late last night, the world learned the deeply shitty news that Phife Dawg, of a Tribe Called Quest, had died. There will be many, many Phife tributes in the days ahead, but Mac Miller might’ve been the first musician to share his. Miller makes beats, for himself and others, under his Larry Fisherman alias. And as Miss Info points out, Miller just dropped “5 Foot Assassin,” a Larry Fisherman tribute to Phife. Over some mournful chords, we hear Phife’s voice, sampled from “Check The Rhime,” from a live Arsenio Hall freestyle, and from elsewhere. It’s sad and happy at the same time. Listen to it below.

Go ahead and put your favorite Phife line in the comments section, if you want. It feels good.